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How highly do you rate new Atlético de Madrid signing Thomas Lemar? #UCL

How highly do you rate new Atlético de Madrid signing Thomas Lemar? 🔴 #UCL

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Michael Rabasca Soccer – A Role Model Coach

Michael Rabasca soccer is all about Michael’s soccer career, he is one of the good coaches in the sport soccer. He served as the head coach of the Desert Vista High School Boys team who has joined several soccer competitions. Michael Rabasca has always been committed in inspiring young soccer players to learn the sport and demonstrate excellence in the field.

Michael also holds a USSF A License, a coach license issued by the United States Soccer Federation. The USSF is the official leading body of soccer in the United States.

He has devoted so much of his time helping to organize, coach and train soccer teams. Another accomplishment of Michael is the establishment of the Arizona Futbol Club. Together with a group of local coaches and Greg Valley had envisioned organizing a club for the development of soccer players among the youth of Arizona.

The Arizona Futbol club has been officially incorporated on May 2000. Michael retains his position as one of the full time coaches and helped other full time staff in developing a progressive educational program which will help develop players in terms of tactical and physical aspects of the sport soccer.

Michael and other team coaches aim to promote and share their expertise in search for the best youth players and expose them to the knowledge and challenges of the game and prepare them to achieve the necessary skills and compete in the international level.

A truly dedicated coach and a role model like Michael Rabasca is an asset to the community of the soccer family.

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Victor Nosa Ikpeba – The Undisputed Prince of Monaco

The electrifying Victor Ikpeba began his career at the now defunct African Continental Bank F.C of Lagos, before representing Nigeria U-17 squad that took part in the 1989 FIFA U-17 World Cup held in Scotland. His performance at that tournament convinced football scouts from Belgium to recruit him into modest Belgian club side- RFC Liege. He soon established himself as a clinical finisher after making 79 appearances and scoring 27 goals for the Belgian team.

In 1994 French club- Monaco F.C then coached by the present Arsenal tactician Arsene Wenger snapped gave snapped him up. Victor Ikpeba had the most eventful time of his football career at Monaco, as he helped the French club win the League title. He also got an invitation into the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Soccer squad of Nigeria. The Team eventually won Gold after defeating Argentina in the final.

The icing in the cake of the Delta State born Footballer came in 1997 when he won the African footballer of the year award after a wonderful season with Monaco. He played a total of 169 games and scored 55 goals for the Monaco team. This enviable feat earned him the nickname- “The Prince of Monaco”.

After leaving Monaco for Borussia Dortmund in 1999, his career took a nose-dived which eventually became worse in the 2000 after the demise of his young wife- Atinuke through breast cancer. Subsequent efforts to revive his career with Real Betis of Spain, Al-Ittihad of Libya and Charleroi F.C of Belgium did not yield much fruit, as he eventually retired from active football in 2005.

It is pertinent to note that Victor Ikpeba was an integral part of the Super Eagles squad from 1993- 2000. He played a total of 30 matches and scored 3 goals for the Super Eagles of Nigeria in all competitions.

His worst miss came in the African Cup of Nations final jointly co-hosted by Nigeria and Ghana in 2000 when he scored in the penalty shoot-out against Cameroon but thought the ball had not crossed the line. He held his head in disbelieve and the referee and his assistant ruled that it was not a goal. Television replay later showed that the whole of the ball actually crossed the line. Nigeria eventually lost the game.

He was a member of the Super Eagles squad that participated at the 1994 African Nations Cup held in Tunisia as well as the 1994 and 1998 FIFA World Cups held in the United States and Spain respectively. He his presently a sports analyst with South African based Super Sports Channel television.

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Online Football – The Games of the Future

The online gaming world introduces new ideas for online soccer games and other types of online entertainment almost on a daily basis. One such online game is football which has become increasingly popular over the years. As a result of this there is a whole list of websites where you can register to become an online footballer. These sites offer great graphics and an awesome game play experience for anyone who might be interested and can afford the time spent online.

The point is to create a football team from either players that you design and train online, as well as players that are for sale by other online teams. The game and all its features are in fact so realistic that some of these players who manage their own teams online, should perhaps be given a chance to manage and train their own clubs and who knows maybe they would outdo the current management. You will play the role of the manager of the team, the coach and all the players on the field, this mostly takes place in football manager games. Not at once though, the player with the ball will automatically become the controlled player. The graphics and game play can almost be compared to the 2010 FIFA world cup game which was designed before the world cup was played.

The reason why these online football games stay so up to date is because of all the interest, resulting in profits to be made and enjoyment beyond any ones control. If you are a football fan and like online gaming that is. The only problem is that in order to keep up with the latest trends and upgrades you need to have permanent access to the sites and spend a lot of time there. In order to play the game successfully, you need an almost top of the range PC and an irregularly fast internet connection. Once you have access to all these things, you can enjoy playing football to the extreme.

The entire point of the game is not to just have a good team but to enter your team into online championships and tournaments to test the skill of your players as well as your own game play skills against that of players all over the world. There are even some sites where you can make money from playing these free online football games if you win contests and tournaments.

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An Uneasy Relationship – England Vs The Rest of The World

As a nation that once laid claim to the world’s biggest Empire, the United Kingdom has often traded blows with countries across the globe.

Politically, many British people often look upon Europe and its increasing influence in their lives as a source of annoyance. With specific reference to England, the English are known for their own patriotic beliefs and mannerisms. Whether it be staunchly in favour of keeping the pound or perhaps even something as trivial as our predisposition for tea drinking as a tool of social cohesion, our European cousins and those further afield often deride us as ‘Little Englanders’.

When it comes to football then, it is no surprise that such squabbles manifest themselves. In late February, there was the furore surrounding claims in the tabloid press that England’s training complex for the impending World Cup in South Africa was so far half-built and ramshackle, some even going so far as to describe it as ‘a dump’.

The £20 million Royal Bafokeng Sports Campus near to Rustenberg, the venue for England’s first game against USA, has ignited English passions and prompted hasty rebuttals from those abroad. Although the accommodation is of a high standard, the training and medical facilities are still far from complete.

Despite this, following his recent visit, England manager Fabio Capello stated that he was happy with the progress being made.

South Africans, including World Cup ambassador and ballerina Andile Ndlovu have rallied round their country as it bids to host the finest tournament yet. The spokesman for the Bafokeng sports complex, Martin Bekker, said that “the foreign media, especially the English, have lacked the courtesy to find out from us how preparations are going.”

This isn’t the first incident involving England, its football fans and its national press engaging in verbal warfare and it certainly won’t be the last.

One only has to look at certain authority figures in world football and the chagrin they draw from the English to examine the roots of animosity between ‘us and them’. The President of FIFA, the world’s governing body, Sepp Blatter and his UEFA counterpart Michel Platini have all voiced their opinions on the state of English football.

Likewise Jack Warner, the FIFA Vice-President and head of its CONCACAF region is another who attracts condemnation. In his case, it seems he’s a complicated individual who has a ‘Jekyll and Hyde’ approach to England. Once he was quoted as saying ‘nobody in Europe likes England’ yet now he is supposedly one of the supporters for our 2018 World Cup bid.

Meanwhile Blatter is regarded by some as anti-English, a man who never has a good word to say about the country or its football. During the Cristiano Ronaldo transfer saga, Blatter was open in saying that the player should move to Real Madrid and that keeping him at Manchester United amounted to “modern slavery.”

Clearly he is hopelessly ignorant of the treatment suffered by the real slaves of the past and how it bears little relevance to highly-paid footballers. His 6+5 rule, designed to curb the number of foreign players in teams and enhance their domestic number is somewhat noble in its intention though it has been interpreted as a direct attack on the English clubs, which boosted by a large overseas contingent, have recently dominated the competition.

Michel Platini has also displayed sour grapes over England’s success in Europe. One of his quotes, concerning football finances, states that he wants to “create a situation where every team has a chance of winning and there is a more level playing field. But in England teams win either with morality or without it. We want transparency and financial fair play, but sometimes you do not have that in England.”

Although England and its press often feel aggrieved at attacks from abroad, Platini in particular does have a point when he claims to be concerned about foreign ownership and increasing debt mountains.

One only has to look at the forlorn situation at Portsmouth to understand where he is coming from. If England’s biggest clubs such as Manchester United and Liverpool didn’t rely on huge income streams to keep them ticking over, the problem would become cataclysmic, not just for English football but for the entire game.

No matter, England’s uneasy relationship with the rest of the world is likely to continue for some time yet as we typically resist interference from beyond our shores.

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