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Football Cleats – Things to Keep in Mind

Do you love to play football? If so, you may be looking for a good pair of football cleats for yourself. You may have heard that the cleats should be purchased based on the type of ground you or your kid is going to play on. Cleats are football shoes designed for football players. This article has some tips for you so you can buy your kid the right cleats.

Styles of the Shoes

Football cleats are available in three heights or styles for meeting the needs of players. Let’s know more about each type.

Low-cut: since low-cut shoes are lightweight, most players prefer them to other types of shoes. The low cut allows better maneuverability but lower level of support to your ankle. Therefore, you are more prone to ankle injuries.

Mid-cut: as far as support and maneuverability is concerned, a mid-cut shoe is a good choice. If you love the “skill” positions, you should go for this style. These positions include quarterbacks, wide receivers, running backs and defensive backs, just to name a few.

High-tops: The high-tops offer additional support to prevent ankle sprains in case of lateral movements. These shoes are recommended for linemen because of their higher level of support. Linemen move a lot from one side to the other and it puts a lot of pressure on their ankles. And for ankle support, high-tops is a good choice.

Materials of the Shoes

The upper part of the shoes is made from the synthetic material or leather. Let’s know the qualities of both.

Synthetics: as opposed to the leather, synthetics are not so durable or expensive. This material is cheap. In most of the football shoes, synthetic material is used as it provides support to your ankle, mid-foot and the forefoot.

Leather: This common material is used for making shoes more comfortable and flexible. The best thing about leather is its durability. However, this material is relatively more expensive.

Types of Cleats

When it comes to buying cleats, you have two choices: detachable cleats and molded cleats. Typically, cleats are designed for turf or grass. So, based on the type of ground your kid plays on, you should go for the right one. Multipurpose cleats are designed for players that play on turf and grass.

Detachable: these cleats feature studs that you can remove or replace based on the field you are going to play on. Since these cleats are versatile, especially if you play on grass most of the time.

Molded Cleats: These cleats are joined with the bottom of the shoes. Usually, turf shoes feature molded cleats of rubber for better traction. Generally, molded cleats cost less than the detachable ones.

So, if you are going to buying the best football cleats, make sure you take into account the tips and features listed in this article. This way you won’t make the mistake of buying the wrong type of cleats. Keep in mind that expensive shoes won’t necessarily be the best shoes. It’s the features that make a shoe worth buying. Hope this helps.

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5 Cold-Facts That Could Change Freestyle Soccer in 10 Years Time

On a cold day while walking along the streets, I stumbled a couple of kids doing silky tricks while juggling with the ball. To my amazed, they can do tricks in different combinations or what they called as combo and link among themselves. The soccer tricks intrigued me that I began practicing a few of them, well at least one of them. So then I walked along the park to watch guys playing a nice friendly game on a cold hard rainy afternoon. Some of them particularly in the midfield outmaneuver the defenders with silky skills that left the defenders puzzled. Cool soccer tricks and skills. On my way back, I watched some videos on Youtube, usually I received a link from my friend via email and immediately I watched the video link and thought, ” The guy’s insane to pull off those tricks!”. I researched on these guys and found out that they’re definitely freestylers.

Cool and silky tricks in different combinations during juggling or dribbling are what freestyle soccer is all about. A new trend and relatively new to the world of soccer. It’s addictive and mouth-watering to watch that most people perceived freestyle as a hobby rather than a professional activity. Freestylers typically practice their soccer tricks and work on their combinations to showcase their skills to their friends and the world itself. Silky tricks and skills are recorded and edited to the video including slow motion and credits in order to upload to the streaming sites like Youtube. Freestylers even go one step ahead by performing in competitions and performances like advertisements and documentaries.

A couple of well-knowned freestylers like Billy Wingrove, Abbas Farid, Soufiane Touzani and Palle perform in competition and some of them even releases their very own DVD to teach the newbies in freestyle soccer. Other forms of soccer like beach soccer and five-a-side futsal have flourished in the last 10 years. So, can freestyler soccer follow the same footsteps to grow as a sport? I believe that freestyle soccer has the hidden potential that’s yet to be harnessed. Unless these potential actions are taken, freestyle soccer is prone to dullness. 5 factors that could impact on the world of freestyle soccer:

1. Making it a “Big” hit

Performing irresistible silky and cool soccer tricks in front of the audience on a live performance raise freestylers’ reputation and recognition worldwide. Profit-making companies play a huge role in promoting these outstanding individuals to a world stage like for instance, Nike in promoting top dog superstars such as Billy Wingrove and Abbas Farid. These freestylers often featured in Nike commercials along with soccer superstars like Ronaldinho, Edgar Davids, Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Cristiano Ronaldo.

Television programmes play a crucial role in promoting freestylers by broadcasting informative documentaries about their lifestyle for example, the BBC Match of the Day program featured a special section about Billy Wingrove and his lifestyle as a freestyler.

2. Engage freestyler with the club via a contract

A boring plain piece of paper that includes all the nitty gritty information on engagement between a freestyler and the club in order to validate their relationship for an agreed number of years. Freestyler’s role are explained in the contract including their wages, privileges with the club like access to the club’s stadium and training ground and travel with the club.

Billy Wingrove, a British freestyler, is contracted to his childhood club, Tottenham Hotspur which gives him the privileges to watch Tottenham’s matches at White Hart Lane, access to their training ground and meeting top players like Aaron Lennon.

3. Train and Travel with the Club

Under a contract, freestylers have the access to the club’s training ground to participate in five-a-side matches with the first team or even teach them some new soccer tricks to the players as Billy Wingrove did with Tottenham Hotspurs.

By training, freestylers have the privilege to travel with the club for away matches or continental championship like the Champions League. This allows them maximum exposure on different lifestyle and cultures on soccer and other things.

4. Coaching the Players

Freestylers have the option to coach whether on a part time basis or on a full time basis.

On a part time basis, a freestyler teaches soccer tricks to the players of the club as Billy Wingrove did with a former Tottenham player, Robbie Keane.

The fun begins in a full time basis. A freestyler coaches the players about freestyler soccer that’s integrated to the club’s training regime. He could influence on coaching decisions on their training regime like improving the team’s ball control and also travel with the club on away matches as well as watching home matches to monitor the team’s progress.

5. Half time Shows and Team Mascot

It’s a rarity in the world of soccer but more common in American sports like the NBA and NFL. But, half time shows evolved in the world of soccer quite recently thus an opportunity for freestylers to shine on the soccer pitch.

Maradona first did half time shows during his days at Boca Juniors. Similarly, Billy Wingrove did the same for the Premiership pre-match entertainment and for international friendlies involving England and Wales.

Freestylers also act as a mascot for the team to welcome new signings or as a pre-match entertainment. Recently, Abbas Farid and his friend did a pre-match entertainment about freestyle with Ronaldinho. The fact that Ronaldinho stares the whole time and giving ovation to those freestylers was a hilarious moment. So, I could conclude that freestylers are related but completely different to soccer.


There’s no doubt that a breathtaking sport embeds into freestyle soccer and the governing body, FIFA should harness to its full potential. An addictive hobby that can earn freestylers a lot of money for their uniqueness in producing exceptional combinations and awesome tricks that should be rewarded and why not. I believe that freestyle can rise to be as good as soccer if these factors or others are put into practice.

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Pick one! 🤔🤔🤔 A) Inter 2010 B) Real Madrid C.F. 2002 C) FC Bayern München 201…

Pick one! 🤔🤔🤔

A) Inter 2010 🏆
B) Real Madrid C.F. 2002 🏆
C) FC Bayern München 2013 🏆

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The Origin of Soccer

Although it may be impossible to accurately state when and where the game of soccer originated, history has shown us glimpses of a game similar to our present day version being played for over 3000 years.

Around the 2nd or 3rd Century BC, it was documented that the Chinese military during the Han Dynasty played a game involving kicking a ball into a small net.

A game similar to soccer was played by the ancient Greeks and Romans but their game could include up to 27 players on a side compared to the modern day game of 11 players to a side.

Soccer became one of the most popular sports of the masses due to its popularity as a war game. A game of “football” which the British called it, was played in the east of England during the 8th Century where the head of a defeated Danish Prince was used as the ball.

During medieval times, villages and towns were pitted against each other in game battles that could take all day. There were no structured rules to abide by and kicking, biting, gouging and punching turned the game into a virtual battle of survival. These matches became so violent that the English authorities made many attempts to have soccer banned.

King Edward III from England passed laws in 1331 to abolish the game and Queen Elizabeth I had a law passed that provided a one week jail sentence for anyone caught playing soccer.

Despite these efforts, the game of soccer became so popular in England over the next few centuries that it evolved as the most popular sport of its time.

At this point, the only shortcoming of the sport was its lack of rules or standards. In 1815, Eton College, a famous English school, established a set of rules to be implemented by other schools, colleges and universities.

A standardized version of these rules were later adopted in 1848 by most of England’s colleges and universities that were known as the Cambridge Rules.

Unfortunately, at this point, there were still two different sets of rules being used. Some colleges favored the Rugby Rules which allowed carrying the ball with your hands, tripping and kicking to the shins. which were contrary to the Cambridge Rules.

In 1863, The Football Association was created by eleven English soccer clubs and schools to establish a single set of rules to be enforced when they played against each other.

The supporters of the Rugby School rules objected to the changes and the two groups split apart. The Football Association later changed the rules in 1869 where they forbade the use of hands, except by the goalie, which led us to the game of soccer as we know it today.

The English still called it a game of “football” because the ball was played primarily with the feet but in the late 18th Century, the word, “soccer”, was first used by a student of Oxford University by the name of Charles Wreford Brown. The students at Oxford were known for using slang where they added “er” to the end of words that they intentionally shortened. The game of Rugby was called “rugger”. Brown shortened the word “association” and added “er” and the term “soccer” was born.

Since the 19th Century the game has evolved to where it is today. It is the World’s Game that is played by more people than any other sport and is universally recognized as the most popular game in sports history.

The World Cup which is held every four years to crown a World Champion draws millions of spectators to the 32 games played and is watched by billions of fans from around the globe thanks to modern day satellite television technology.

The popularity of soccer continues to grow as organized youth soccer programs are getting a young fan base involved at an early age which will fuel its growth for years to come.

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Dua Lipa live from the #UCLfinal!

🎶 Enjoy Dua Lipa’s live performance from the #UCLfinal opening ceremony, presented by Pepsi! 🎶

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Jordi Alba’s Homecoming to FC Barcelona

When Jordi Alba finally signed on the dotted line after months of negotiation, Futbol Club Barcelona had agreed to pay Valencia a hefty sum of 14 million euros. Although some people wondered whether the decision would be just money down the drain, some people believed that Alba’s comeback to the Barcelona squad would help boost the team. The 23-year-old Catalan giant was certainly enthusiastic about winning titles with Barça.

Alba’s signing to FC Barcelona is a homecoming in many ways. He was brought up at FC Barcelona’s youth academy and therefore familiar with the Barça philosophy of how football is played. However, with so few positions available in the squad, he was released in 2005 and continued at UE Cornella for two years before being signed to Valencia for six thousand euros; he was loaned to Gimnastic de Tarragona in 2008-2009, before returning to Valencia, where he made his first team debut in September 2009.

Although Jordi Alba made over one hundred appearances for Valencia, he enjoyed a fairly low profile before Euro 2012. However, his generous efforts coupled with his fervent defending and swift runs propelled the Catalan into the spotlight, and made fans see the potential and passion of Alba as he became one of the most influential players in the tournament.

The overwhelming domination of football in Spain by Barcelona and Real Madrid means that many of the players selected for the national squad tend to be from those two clubs. Anyone who makes it into the squad from any other Spanish club has to be a really outstanding player, more proof that Alba will make it at Barcelona. And Alba replaced a good player, Joan Capdevila, and created a name for himself and his potential to succeed in one of the most successful teams anywhere in the world in the 21st century.

During the Euro 2012 championship, the brilliant performance by Jordi Alba was noticed by people across the world, and many elite clubs in Europe suddenly sat up and noticed. Thankfully, Barcelona’s representatives had already been negotiating with Valencia for several months before that and his Euro performance must surely have helped inflate the 14 million euro transfer fee.

Jordi Alba shares a good bond with Andres Iniesta, who together with Xavi Hernandez and Lionel Messi, became the engine that made Barcelona work during Pep Guardiola’s era. Those who followed the Euro 2012 championship should be aware of how well Alba and Iniesta gelled, offering smart interchanges, quick passing and constant plays that were a treat to watch.

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#OnThisDay in 2009, Real Madrid C.F. unveiled new signing Cristiano Ronaldo. Th…

#OnThisDay in 2009, Real Madrid C.F. unveiled new signing Cristiano Ronaldo. The rest is history 🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆 #UCL

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🇫🇷🆚🇧🇪 Kylian Mbappé or Romelu Lukaku?

🇫🇷🆚🇧🇪 Kylian Mbappé or Romelu Lukaku?

Descubre camisetas de equipos y selecciones europeas