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History of Changes in Soccer Football Rules – A Thorough Look

History of Changes in Soccer Football Rules – Introduction

It should be noted that the primary motive for all the official changes in football rules is to improve the spirit of the game and make the game better in every possible way. Essentially, we will look at the major changes in the 19th century and the 20th century. As one can understand after going through this article, the game has undergone considerable changes in its rules over a period of time and this will be an ongoing process. As times change and new exploits are pointed out, the official game rules will continue to change either to fix or to improve the game.

Early Rules Changes

We should not forget that soccer existed hundreds of years before and people used to play football with varying rules during the initial days of football.

There were no proper common rules before 1863 to govern the game and changes in football rules were frequent during those initial periods. One of such two early rules that gained popularity are the Cambridge rules, first drawn up at Cambridge University in 1848 and the Sheffield Football Club rules, formed by former public school pupils in 1857.

During the early 1860s, there were increasing attempts in England to unify and reconcile the various football games that were played in the public schools as well in the industrial north under the Sheffield Rules.

19th Century Changes

The first uniform football rules and regulations were formed in the year 1863.The Cambridge Rules are taken as a base and are rewritten to arrive at the first official laws of the game. In the year 1866, the offside law is changed to allow players to be onside provided there are three players between the ball and the goal.

The year 1891 is a very important year for soccer rules in particular and the game in general. A game changing rule called “the penalty-kick” was first introduced into the game. A penalty kick is awarded against a team which commits offence within the 18 yard box, also called the penalty box. This changed the game drastically and offered an immense advantage to the team that is awarded a penalty kick.

20th Century Changes

The year 1925 witnessed another major change in soccer “offside” rule. The offside law which is conceived in the year 1866 initially allowed players to be onside provided there are three players between the ball and the goal. The amendment in 1925 changed the number from three to two players.

Substitutes are permitted for the first time in the year 1958. But this confined only for an injured goalkeeper and one other injured player.

Card system is introduced in the year 1970. The system of red and yellow cards is introduced for the 1970 FIFA World Cup finals as a means of warning or penalising a player. Referees indicate that a player has committed an offense and red card represents more serious offense than the yellow card.

In 1990 the offside law is once again changed and this time in favour of the attacker. As per this change in law, the attacker is now said to be onside if he/she is in level with the penultimate defender.

Other changes include the Goalkeepers forbidden from handing back-passes in 1992. The technical area is introduced into the Laws of the Game in 1994, with the Fourth Official following the next year. Initially who were referred to as “Linesmen” are renamed as “Assistant Referees”, in the year 1996. In the year 1997 the Laws are revised once again for the betterment of the game.

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Happy 30th Birthday, Chicharito”!

🎉 Happy 30th Birthday, Chicharito! 🎉

🇲🇽 Mexico’s 🔝 scorer in the #UCL ⚽️🔥

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Barca’s Got The Bark And The Bite!

Wearing their white colored away kit, Man U kicked off as the stronger side with Cristiano Ronaldo threatening to score five minutes into the game. But with Barca midfielders Andres Iniesta and Xavi Hernandez possessively controlling the ball, Man U soon lost control. Iniesta in his Nike T90 Laser II football boots paved the way for the opening goal when he found Samuel Eto’o, who deftly hit the net.

Red, white and blue

The atmosphere in the stadium was electric as fans from both sides came out in full support of their favorites dressed in their team colors. The stands seemed draped in shades of red, white and blue! The new Nike FC Barcelona home soccer gear saw a return to traditional vertical stripes of red and blue, said to be “designed to inspire the kind of football the club’s famous for – spirited, passionate and oozing Catalan pride!” And did it work! Post half time, midfielder Lionel Messi headed the ball over Edwin Van der Sar and clinched the second goal. He seemed adequately thrilled with his brand new boots – custom made Adidas F30i – and happily kissed them!

Certainly More than a Club!

On the one side, Man U could boast of star players like Wayne Rooney, Ronaldo, Tevez and Berbatov, on the other side, Barca dominated with the likes of Messi, Henry, Eto’o, Xavi and Iniesta. If the Catalan greats, Barca, scored 100 goals at the Liga, Messi, Henry and Eto’o were responsible for 69 of them! Maybe the white away kit wasn’t too lucky for Manchester United as they saw their dream to win their third Champions League trophy shatter. While the Catalans struck gold with their new look – a V-necked Nike Dri-Fit shirt that has the Catalan flag on the back of the neck and the label ‘Más que un club’ (More than a club) sewn inside. Barca stuck to its policy of not having a sponsor’s logo on their soccer shirts; something they have been adamant about ever since the club was formed. But they retained the UNICEF logo as part of the deal to not take any money, but use it to fund UNICEF’s humanitarian programs.

Three Cheers for the Champions

With this win, Barca now has three trophies to its credit – the Champions League, Liga and the Copa del Rey. Celebrations broke out on the streets of Barcelona when the team returned home. Thousands of ecstatic fans followed the open topped bus that had ‘Tricampeones’ (Three times Champion) emblazoned on it. To mark this special occasion, the players wore commemorative shirts with the words ‘Copa, Liga y Champions’ along with the team members names stamped on it.

Forgetting all protocol, the players ran onto the pitch of Camp Nou stadium and proudly held the three trophies up to their supporters who sang and chanted in reciprocation! The evening was sealed with another lap of honor, this time to the tune of Coldplay’s ‘Viva la Vida’ and crackling fireworks!

Whoever said what’s in a name seemed to have got it all wrong! A name, a number, a color – this is what champions are made of…

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Bale’s Goal of the Tournament

Fans voted Gareth Bale’s slick volley at Borussia Dortmund as #UCL Goal of the Tournament 🎉🎉🎉

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Short Biography of Famous Soccer Player – Juan Roman Riquelme

His full name is Juan Román Riquelme. He was born June 24, 1978 in San Fernando, Buenos Aires, an impoverished providence of Buenos Aires Argentina to a family of ten. He is an Argentine soccer player who now plays for Boca Juniors of the Argentine Primera División, and his position on the field is as an attacking midfielder.

In 1995 Riquelme began playing professional football with the Boca Juniors and seven seasons enjoyed with the club prior to being traded to Barcelona. Following a short and not successful stay with them, he moved to Villarreal, and became superstar there, winning a lot of honors. Presently Riquelme continues to play at both the national and international level, and lately won the MVP award at the Copa Libertados.

A longtime Argentine international, Riquelme is best acknowledged for his spells with Boca Juniors and Villarreal. A playmaker, his major assets are his passing and setting the tempo of play.

It was Boca Juniors the club that had it as foremost character, in those that reached three times the Argentinean championship, to be champion of the Cup Libertadores of America in two opportunities, and champion of the Intercontinental Cup of soccer, in the year 2000.

Juan Román Riquelme is considered as a talented player with outstanding field vision. As of 2005, Riquelme is frequently noted as the key factor in Villareal’s explosive 2005 campaign.

Some of honours he received as log as his career are:

2004 UEFA Intertoto Cup (Villarreal CF)

2001 Copa Libertadores (Boca J.)

2000 Argentine Apertura Championship (Boca J.)

2000 Intercontinental Cup (Boca J.)

2000 Copa Libertadores (Boca J.)

1999 Argentine Clausura Championship (Boca J.)

1998 Argentine Apertura Championship (Boca J.)

1997 FIFA’s Football World Youth Championship (under-20)

As concerned as some of his individual honors are Player of the Year of Argentina (2000, 2001, 2008) and Copa Libertadore’s Most Valuable Player in 2007.

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New #UCL brand!

The UEFA Champions League has a new look! 👀


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Sammy McIlroy – The Young Veteran

Five Manchester United players featured in the Northern Ireland starting line-up for six matches in the late 1970s: Tommy Jackson, David McCreery, Chris McGrathand, Sammy McIlroy, and Jimmy Nicholl. Former Manchester United favourites Trevor Anderson and George Best also featured.

Samuel McIlroy was born 2 August 1954 in the much troubled city of Belfast in Northern Ireland. Being brought up in the very heart of Protestant East Belfast, he was steeped from an early age in a marinade of politics and religion. Nonetheless, East Belfast has produced a great number of immensely talented Manchester United players up through the years including household names such as George Best, Eric McMordie, David McCreery, and Norman Whiteside. After being discovered by famous United scout Bob Bishop while still a schoolboy player, McIlroy was advised by his family to seek his footballing fortune in the calmer climes of Lancashire as Northern Ireland was tottering on the brink of Civil War.

The last youth player to be signed by legendary Manchester United manager Sir Matt Busby, Sammy McIlroy arrived in Manchester as a modest, fresh faced 14 year old in the summer of 1969. Finding the net on his United debut against fierce rivals Manchester City in November 1971, the gifted youngster quickly became a massive hit with the Old Trafford faithful. Eventually establishing himself in the Manchester United first team during the 1974-75 season, McIlroy proceeded to make a total of 391 appearances for the Reds. The young veteran also played an important part in United’s nothing but fantastic revival under Tommy Docherty in the mid 1970s, winning the Second Division title with the Reds in 1975 and the FA Cup two years later.

Finally deciding to leave Manchester United at the end of the 1981-82 season, Sammy McIlroy went on to appear for Stoke City, Manchester City, Bury, Preston North End, and Northwich Victoria. The hard working Ulsterman also had an extraordinary international career, gaining a total of 88 caps for his beloved Northern Ireland between 1972 and 1987.

“The Protestant people in Northern Ireland were used and abused by the British. How could you have working class people living in poverty voting Tory? You looked at two working class people shooting each other and you asked how was that possible. It was divide and conquer, the British trait from the year dot.”

Paddy Crerand quote.

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Hierro the new Spain coach

#UCL legend Fernando Hierro named Spain Head Coach for the 2018 World Cup!

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Chicharito Hernandez – Top 10 Reasons Why He Is Better Than Rooney

Wayne Rooney has not done much to be a footballing icon. His actual skill with the ball has never been of the highest level. It’s time for the charade to stop. Luckily for Manchester United fans, Chicharito Hernandez is the hope that we’ve all been waiting for. At 22, he’s faster, hungrier, and is not prone to marriage scandals. And those reasons alone, despite his lack of experience, and having less championships to his name, Javier Hernandez is already better than Wayne Rooney, and more important to United.

10. Chicharito is a Bachelor

Hernandez is 22 good-looking (kind of resembles Kuno Becker’s character from Goal, Santiago Munez). He’s not dumb enough to get married just as he’s becoming one of the most popular footballers in the world. In fact he is still in college taking online courses. It shows more character to intelligently remain with his long time girlfriend, Lety Sahagun. They’ve has a 2 year relationship which is pretty traditional. Far from the cheat repeatedly with prostitutes, and lie about it, habits of other superstar players..

Even Cristiano Ronaldo has enough sense to stay a bachelor and paying off the girls he impregnates. Rooney’s personal problems have unfortunately have a lot to do with his current decrease of level of play. And it’s not the first time.

9. Chicharito Is More Humble

Chicharito Hernandez has been know through out the years for being one of the most humble players in Soccer. He still lives with his parents (they move to England with him, including his grandparents) he has online college classes and is a very well rounded individual. This stability at home with his family has undoubtedly has helped his career.

He has also stayed aways from drug and alcohol scandals (even though he was one of the players fined for having a party where there were allegedly prostitutes involved with the Mexican national team). He seems like the type of player who is centered and his personality and humble nature will keep him from trouble and keep his head in the game. Something Rooney has had a lot of problems with as of late

8. Marketability

Javier Hernandez is not only young and handsome, but he has a great personality and is very likable. Javier Hernandez at this point has more potential in marketing as Wayne Rooney does. Hernandez represents a sector of the world with little or no connection to English soccer, which presenting a unique marketing opportunity to United’s globalizing brand.

After Chicharito’s signing with Manchester United, the official website received over 50,000 new members from Latin america and the united states. Chicharito Hernandez is one of those players that we love to see succeed and it represents a great opportunity for monetizing that success for Manchester united.

Rooney was marketable at one point, but his recent scandals and poor performances and making it harder and harder each day for him to have the marketability that Chicharito is capable of achieving at this point.

7. Love For The Game

Now, there is no real way of anyone quantifying how much someone loves something, but you can look at peoples body langues and attitudes towards something. And Chicharito’s love for the game and the joy he gets from playing is obvious when you see him play. Chicharito plays with the same joy and happiness we all did as kids and it come through.

Rooney seems colder and doesn’t seem to enjoy the beautiful game as much as Chicharito.

6. The World Cup Chicharito

Not having played a full match at the world cup Chicharito still managed to have a breakout performance scoring 2 goals. 1 against France and the second against Argentina. Rooney played about 4 times as much as Chicharito and had a less than average performance.

The world cup also showed us that Chicharito is capable of playing against the big teams in the world, in the biggest stages in the world and not break with the pressure, it actually seems to making him better. Chicharito in the month prior to the World Cup and since the World Cup he has scored against these powerhouses Netherlands, France, Argentina, and Spain… not to include smaller sides such as Bolivia, Gambia among others.

All the world cup did for Chicharito was to display his ability to score on tough games, and all it did for Rooney was to show us that he is not player he once was… or thought he was.

5. Hunger to Succeed

Chicharito is one of the Hungriest players in soccer today. At this point he has nothing more than potential and great skill. But his hunger to succeed is what has brought him this far in such short amount of time. Unfortunately for Wayne Rooney he no longer has potential, and what is infinitely worse for a competitive athlete, it seems that Rooney has lost his hunger to succeed.

4. Dinero! (Money)

Everyone knows money is the fuel that drives most clubs’ decisions, making this the number one reason Hernandez, not Rooney, is United’s future first striker.

Wayne Rooney is undoubtedly very marketable, but his own image has long since surpassed his footballing ability. In other words, it’s a seller’s market. After winning little with an incomplete and aging squad, United should be able to garner around £50m for Rooney next offseason. Which is a lot more than he’s worth. United could buy several younger, better players with that money as Chicharito assumes the forward-running striker role for many years.

Hernandez is quickly becoming a hero for Mexico, naturally displacing the aged Cuauhtémoc Blanco and Rafael Marquez. Furthermore, his best years are ahead of him instead of behind him. Mexico is crazy about soccer, yet remains untapped by European clubs. It’s a completely new marketplace of opportunity for United, and they know it.

Most casual United fans, even those that occasionally buy jerseys, will be interested in anyone who plays striker for United, as long as he’s good enough. Hernandez is better than Rooney, in addition to having stronger character, being more consistent, better-mannered, and a far less hesitant star

Chicharito Hernandez is Manchester United’s emerging star who, despite being worth less on the transfer market, is already better than Wayne Rooney, certainly on current form. Yet, Chicharito still can grow and get a lot better, instead of the Rooney who, after now looks like a 40-year-old drunken sailor, much like he appeared in the Nike write the future commercial.

3. Style

Wayne Rooney is a midfielder playing forward. His best attribute is being a train-like tackler rather than a finesse finisher. Rooney has a great long ball as well as a great driven passes through the middle. Unfortunately he plays in a position that requires him being the receiver, not the passer. He loves to drop deep and track back, two tendencies which are fine in, but can be counter-productive to the larger picture when he’s playing as the lead forward.

As a more direct striker, Hernandez fits United’s scheme better, complementing striker partner Dimitar Berbatov’s creative style. The Bulgarian takes more joy in the final pass than scoring the goal itself. Chicharito supplements this perfectly, having the speed and inclination to be the first man darting into the box once his side opens up opposing defenses.

Rooney and Berbatov, though, often get their lines crossed, as both may abandon forward and drop deep; one out of frustration and impatience, the other from penchant and necessity. Hernandez is a more suitable to Berbatov’s and quite simply plays more like a striker than a roaming Rooney.

2. Quality

Rooney has not met his goal-scoring expectations. His goal tally averages to 13 each season on one of the world’s most dominant football clubs. Many resulted more from finishing a team-worked attack than creating through personal brilliance.

His current striker partner Berbatov is wiry, but shrugs off defenders easily because his body control and balance are both impeccable. Wayne usually fires himself like a freight train between or through defenders, using blunt-force trauma over agility, and can only rarely create by himself running at anyone.

Running is Hernandez’s specialty. The Mexican was the fastest player in the World Cup according to FIFA. Their guns clocked him running at almost 20 MPH. That’s one asset Rooney no longer shares and perhaps the single most important attribute of a through striker. Hernandez also shows a decent turn with his back to goal and an ability to finish with both feet. He is taller than Rooney and jumps higher.

With speed, athleticism, ambidexterity, and prowess, he has raw natural ability upon which more skill will continue flourishing, besides being the more effective of the two players on current form.

1. Potential

Rooney having played eight full seasons in the EPL is a very old 25. The period when most of his improvement would have occurred is over. Wayne hasn’t added or changed his game for the better in several years. In fact, he’s picked up some bad habits, losing the abandon and naivete that actually helped his earlier style.

Hernandez, a much fresher 22, has only begun to mature. The Mexican international has netted against Spain, France, and Italy, among others, this year. He plays happy, as opposed to Rooney, and shows none of the stress and disturbance than mars Rooney’s displays. Hernandez might already be better than the Englishman. At the very least, though, he has plenty of growth ahead of him during which to prove it.

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